Software we cover under our support plans

While the Quicken for Mac versions provide almost the same features as the Windows ones, they are optimized towards better handling on the Mac OS. The User Interface is slightly different, as well as some extra features being added, or some being removed. The overview of what you can do on each is as follows:


Quicken Starter for Mac

  • Categorization of your transactions.
  • Safest online backup features.
  • Manage your budgeting process with ease.

Quicken Deluxe for Mac

  • All the features of Starter and more!
  • Import transactions from your loan account.
  • Interface optimized for the ‘portfolio’ view.

Quicken Premier for Mac

  • Includes the functionality of the Deluxe edition.
  • Predict returns on investment and make informed decisions.
  • Track all your principal payments.

We offer our guidance for the following issues:

  • The installation/reinstallation process of Quicken for Mac.
  • Applying updates successfully.
  • Activating your membership.
  • Reinstating entries for pre-scheduled transactions.
  • Adding transfer details to your budget.
  • Setting up multiple credit card accounts.
  • Tracking net worth details over time.
  • Stolen or forgotten passwords.
  • Adding/removing/restoring backup files.
  • Troubleshooting for other general issues.
  • Verification codes being repeatedly sent to you.
  • Unexpected glitches or bugs you encounter.

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Why we stand out from our competitors

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    24*7 customer service helpline.

    We understand that that our clients working in corporates face heavy time constraints. This is why we do not have any time limit on our Quicken Mac Support Helpline facility. Call us at any time of the day, all year round and we will pick up and answer you questions with no hesitation.

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    10+ years of experience handling Quicken for Mac Support.

    We at have over ten years of handling not only Quicken products but also in supporting our valuable clients, no matter what their issue may be. Our team will make sure that your solution is presented with a quick solution.

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    Best ProAdvisors online with a huge database about Intuit products.

    Our team consists of ProAdvisors, that have all the necessary training to resolve your problems in the quickest time possible. They are fully certified by Intuit to guide you through each error you face during your usage of the Quicken software, and guarantee your satisfaction, with over a 99% success rate.

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    “Always courteous and polite to our customers, no matter what!”

    Not only do our technical experts possess a large database from which they can resolve your query, they will also be very well-mannered throughout your call. Quicken Mac Support ensures that the most patient advisors, who will pilot you through your error, every step of the way.

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    Premium support to guarantee that all your problems remain a one-time occurrence.

    By getting to root cause of whatever the problem is, we will make sure that the error we resolve is fully eradicated with no chance of recurring on your system. We use a specialized knowledge base to scrutinize each detail of the error, to create the best error-resolution environment for you and us both.

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    Support for older versions as well including Quicken for Mac 2015 Support.

    Our Quicken support for Mac covers all the versions of Quicken, including most of the previous ones. We understand that sometimes there is no point upgrading a software when you are satisfied with the functionalities of your current one. Keeping this in mind, we have set up technical support for whichever version you are using, at the same prices!

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    Wait times are almost non-existent.

    Again, we would like to point out that we understand the value of time in the corporate world. When each minute is valuable to you, waiting on a customer service helpline can be frustrating – this is why we have cut down on call wait times as much as possible, in order to give you the best experience.

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    High value for money, without sacrificing on quality with the most economical rates.

    You are not expected to pay astronomical prices for high quality services. We provide you premium class tech-support at the most affordable rates, because just like your time, your money also holds value to you, and we recognize its importance in your life.

Some of the unexpected errors you might find during your usage of Quicken for Mac

  • Downloading transactions not categorized automatically.
  • Performance reports lacking in details.
  • General transactions not showing properly.
  • Date formats appearing incorrectly.
  • Summary of category reports failing.
  • Incorrect update procedure causing errors.
  • Errors in installation and reinstallation.
  • Frequent crashes in your Quicken for Mac.
  • Lost or stolen password recovery.
  • Activation code is incorrect.
  • Net and security errors.
  • Damaged Mac files.
  • Access to your account being denied.

Refuse to rest with 24/7 Quicken Mac Support facilities for our customers!

We have a friendly staff of expert advisors waiting on your call. We know how much you value your time, and have set our timings to suit your convenience. Whether you need your issue solved at night or during daytime work hours, we will do it NOW. We recognize the efforts you have to put in to your hectic schedule, especially in the corporate world of finance and accounting, and will waste none of it. Our error resolution will be detailed, explaining the root cause of each problem to help you in making sure that you aren’t faced with the same issue twice.